Mind The Dog Xerses
OB Beg., FCI OB1
ZIG-Champion 2023 BH1

19.01.2021 - 24.11.2023

Born: 19.01.2021
Died: 24.11.2023
Sex: male
Colour: black and white mottled
(blue-white, tricolour, brindle carrier).
OB Beginner, FCI OB 1

Licensed at the Border Collie Club Switzerland 30.04.2023
Exterior: good
Character test: Excellent

Breeder: Valentina Balli, Italien

HD B, ED 0, OCD & LWS free

Genetic test results (06.2022, My Dog DNA, EMBARK 01.23)
CLEAR for all 211 tests

Eyes: CEA, PRA, CAT, glaucoma FREE! (ECVO, 11.2022)

Where love falls! My little hellhound!
Chaos, Crazy, Easy, Fast & Furious, Spinelli, Hurricane, Tornado....ach this dog already has many, many nicknames!
First and foremost, he's a HORRIBLE dog! He will go to any lengths for food. Yes, in the meantime he has understood that there are limits, but somehow he still doesn't always believe it :D

He is resilient, stable, assertive and willing to compromise. He is calm in everyday life, but when you turn him on, the tornado ignites! Those who know Lycan and Elliot know exactly what I mean! 
With that description you probably don't believe me that he can cuddle on your lap for hours. Like a glove turned inside out! 
He has a natural outrun and balance on the sheep, but for now he is only being trained in obedience and IGP and some basic Agility. 
Let's see if I am up to this monster....
In any case, thank you Valentina for this insanely cool dog!!!!

Xerxes comes from very successful working and sporting lines. 
Xerxes' sire is the two-time Obedience World Champion Lycan. Lycan descends from the well-known Sweep, who was very successful in the highest trial class. This line is known for its stability and hardness. 
His dam Ultra goes back to the Spanish Obedience Champion Elliot. Elliot was several times a team member for the Obedience World Championship and even reached the final in 2019. In 2021 he was 3rd at the Joop de Reus Cup. He was also the first Border Collie to reach the highest level in Mondioring. He goes back to Wisp from the famous Mawlch Kennel as well as NNL U'Revenge, which goes back to Rising Sun Dark Rider. 
Ultra's dam Reed goes back to Kevin Evans European Nursery Sheepdog Ch. 2012, Int. Dr. Ch. 2013, Welsh Nat. Ch. 2013 Jimmy Kemi.