Avery Reesheja

Vice Champion European Open OB 2020
3rd place Obedience Swiss Championship 2020
Participant Obedience World Championship 2022 in Denmark
3x Winner IBGH3 in a row
Vice Champion IBGH3 SKG SM 2022
Winner IGP1, IGP2, IGP3
Place 8 at 1. FCI IGP WCH-Quali 2023

Born: 08.04.2017
Sex: male
Colour: black & white mottled (B/b)
(brown carrier, brindle & tricolour carrier, no white carrier)
Height: 58cm
Weight: 22kg
BH-VT, IGP2 (93/95/92)  

Licensed at the Border Collie Club Switzerland 18.07.2021
Exterior: very good
Character test: Excellent
Breeder: Jana Grešová
HD B, ED 0, OCD & LWS free
Genetic test results (03.2021, EMBARK)
CEA - Carrier 
For all 180 other tests CLEAR
EAOD CLEAR (Wisdom Panel, 07.2022)
Eyes: CEA, PRA, CAT, glaucoma free (ECVO, 01.2021, 11.22)

Jasper has been my dream dog ever since I can remember. I always wanted a Border Collie (ask my former friends ;D)! But my mind used to tell me quite clearly: "No! A working dog in the form of a Ferrari is definitely still too much for me". 
Now things look different and so in 2017, after more than 15 years, I fulfilled my dream with this dream of a dog! 
Jasper was a late bloomer. He definitely needed the first 1.5 years to mature. But since then he has been very stable and resilient. He has a strong will and brings a lot of passion for the work.

The first starts in obedience showed that he is not impressed by his environment at all. This is still the case today even at big events. Training on the competition field so that he can get to know it, he does not need. He is an extremely finely led dog, which quickly costs me points in sloppy leading or concentration magnles. Mistakes are ALWAYS on my head. 
He would never lose a sheep when herding, he has an extremely good feel for them, is punchy enough and shows lively movement. He also moves cows and goats as if they were the most pious little lambs and is fast, agile and powerful. There the certain measure of hardness and independence, which he possesses, are indispensable for me! He can stand pressure at work without any problems and even transforms it into more eagerness. 
His heart burns beside the typical "sheep obsession" definitely for the protection! Helpers as well as judges have been very surprised about his courage and fighting spirit. He shows no tension at all for prey and is always clear-headed. He also does not tend to mental stagnation. This is of course a great advantage for us in the IGP.
Jasper is a dog with charisma and charm and knows exactly how to wrap you around his finger. He works for food, for prey, or just because he wants to be a good boy to me. He loves big events with an audience, where he then presents his work like a peacock, even in the greatest heat. 
He has no trouble getting loose even at long distances. He is the type of dog that you take out of the car, and which then needs exactly 1 second to be mentally in the right place. Warm up he needs only for the muscles. 
He gets along with everything and everyone, I have to say ,he kind of loves everything that lives, especially children! He avoids conflicts with other dogs where he can, but is clearly the real sovereign boss in our household. 

Jasper comes from very successful, stable working lines. 
His sire Obedience Working Champion Hummer Mintaka was a three time team member for the Obedience World Championships 2016 to 2018. Also once placed 2nd at the IPO3 Nationals. Ree comes from the famous Black Chevers Kennel on his mother's side. His sire Hope was a very social, outgoing and talented male who has competed at the highest level in a variety of sports (Tiral 3, BH, OB3, LA3). In agility he took part in the Bundessiegerprüfung, his brother Lad was even runner-up in the individual and 2010 to 2012 team member of the agility world championship. 
Jaspers mother Sheba comes from absolute herding lines. She achieved an outstanding eighth place out of 65 in 2019, as the only Border Collie, at the Czech IGP Nationals amidst absolutely fierce competition. Her mother Mindy is a working dog on the farm. Her sire Glen is Club and National Working Champion in herding and was successful at trial top level with Serge van der Zweep for years. Sheba's half brother Rony won the Czech Herding Championship in 2015. His sister was 2nd in the Slovakian Agility Championship.

He has equally successful siblings and half-siblings. His brother Ackey is a trained rescue dog of the highest class and participated also successfully at the Obedience Nationals in class 3. His half-sister Kirke was twice a team member for the Obedience World Championship and reached 4th place at the European Open 2021.


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