About me

I am Annika Matanovic and I live in Switzerland. Since my youth, dogs have accompanied me on my way. It wasn't until late that I got a Border Collie. Once caught by the virus of these noble, lightning-fast thinkers, you definitely can't get rid of them! In the meantime, already three of these incredibly flexible and intelligent animals have become part of my family. 
What started out as a hobby has now become my passion. I am a dog trainer with heart and soul and do obedience and IGP with my dogs. At home they help with the sheep when necessary. 
I want to breed good, resilient dogs with strong nerves for myself and future owners, who will be enjoyed for years in everyday life and sport. 
Our work is our passion and a positive drive for every new day. Here you can find all the information about my work as a dog trainer, as well as my training and further education: