Dogs with heart and mind!

A small, fine breeding for sport & working dogs.

Never think about who is doing better or worse than you. The only question is, are you doing the best. (Sadhguru)
This is exactly what I want: to do my best! To give future owners dogs that are both pleasant, healthy companions in everyday life and can easily withstand the stresses and strains of sport and work. I want to breed dogs of which I would want to keep every one!


Pregnancy confirmed!

Today was the day of days and we were happy with a positive news! Cara is pregnant. We are expecting puppies by the end of November. 

3 wins in a row in IBGH3! See you at the SKG SM!

Jasper also wins his 3rd IBGH 3 test and thus we have qualified for the SKG Swiss Championship for all breeds on 19 & 20 November!!!

 Jasper also wins his second IBGH 3 exam!

Jasper wins his 2nd IBGH 3 test with 97 points V AKZ out of 7 participants and thus gets another qualification result for the SM. 🤩
He got a wow from the judge during the judge's commentary. 😍
Many thanks to the Hundesport Verein Abri for professionally organising this test!

Cara is in heat!

What a stress! The little lady is on day 7 and so we raced to Beligen for the rendezvous with Tavi. She was mated on the 23rd & 24th of September and we are now waiting for the ultrasound!

 Jasper wins his first IBGH 3 exam!

Under constant fire (shooting practice on the next course) Jasper runs absolutely safely on 11.09.22 his first IBGH3 on place 1 with 93 points. I lost -5 points because I simply couldn't get the dumbbell over the wall due to an injury. 

Obedience World Championship in Denmark!

It was an incredible experience to be at such a big event for the first time with so many well-known obedience people! Jasper runs in 36th place out of 111 starters, leaving 75 of the best teams in the world behind him. Awesome!

Xerxes runs in 2nd place in FCI OB 1

Xerxes runs his first OB1 on 05.06.22 in pouring rain. Unfortunately a zero in the group. The rest was extraordinarily nice! So 2nd place for the little sweetie and just missed the Exc.. 

Cara passes the breeding approval with ease! 

Our little mouse passed the breeding approval at the BCCS with ease on 15.05.2022! Her first litter is planned for winter 2022/2023.