Carabica Reesheja

ZIG Vice Champion BH1 2023

4th place European Open Obedience 2021, class 1
Qualified for the Obedience Swiss Championship 2022, Class 2

Born: 28.10.2019
Sex: female
Colour: black & white (B/B)
(Brindle & Tricolour carrier, no white carrier).
Height: 50cm
Weight: 13kg


Licensed by the Boder Collie Club Switzerland, 15.05.2022
Exterior: Excellent
Character test: Excellent

Breeder: Jana Grešová
HD B, ED 0, OCD & LWS free (01.2021)
Genetic test results (02.2021, EMBARK)
CEA - Carrier
For all 180 other tests CLEAR
EAOD - CLEAR (Wisdom Panel, 05.22)

Eyes: CEA, PRA, CAT, glaucoma free (ECVO, 09.2021)

Jasper has enriched my life extremely and is just fun every day. When it became clear that Jana was planning a repeat litter, it was clear to me that I simply HAD to have a puppy there! I had quite precise ideas about my second dog from this mating. Basically, I wanted a copy of Jana's Kirke and was allowed to choose the puppy. And what can I say, I got it! Even Jana is amazed every time how similar the two bitches are!
Cara moved in on 04.01.2020. She has been with us since day 1, cheerful, self-confident and playful. A little angel with teeth. We affectionately call her "Cara the Cat" or "Dogzilla".
Cara has two completely different faces.
In everyday life she is an extremely uncomplicated and balanced dog who can cuddle on my lap for hours or just sleep while I go about my household things. She never demands attention or work unnecessarily, but is an extremely undemanding and calm bitch.
Outside and in training she is EXTREMELY eager and fast, always absolutely clear-headed and extremely cooperative. She works equally for food or prey and you can switch from one to the other during training without any problems. She learns new exercises incredibly quickly and hardly needs any repetitions until they sit perfectly. Of my dogs, she is definitely the most intelligent!
She has an incredible on-off button that you can switch by the second. She has a strong body awareness and therefore never runs the risk of unintentionally hurting herself, which could well mean death on hikes in the mountains, for example, given this dog's high basic speed.
Cara is always upbeat and eager to please, a real little sunshine with a Ferrari engine!

Cara comes from very successful, stable working lines.
Her sire Obedience Working Champion Hummer Mintaka was a three time team member for the Obedience World Championships 2016 to 2018. Also once placed 2nd at the IPO3 Nationals. Ree comes from the famous Black Chevers Kennel on his mother's side. His sire Hope was a very social, outgoing and talented male who has competed at the highest level in a variety of sports (Tiral 3, BH, OB3, LA3). In agility he took part in the Bundessiegerprüfung, his brother Lad was even runner-up in the individual and 2010 to 2012 team member of the agility world championship.
Cara's mother Sheba comes from absolute herding lines. She achieved an outstanding eighth place out of 65 in 2019, as the only Border Collie, at the Czech IGP Nationals amidst absolutely fierce competition. Her mother is a working dog on the farm. Her sire Glen is Club and National Working Champion in herding and was successful at trial top level with Serge van der Zweep for years. Sheba's half brother Rony won the Czech Herding Championship in 2015. His sister was 2nd in the Slovakian Agility Championship.

Cara has equally successful siblings and half-siblings. Her brother Jasper won third Place at the Swiss Championships 2020, is Vice Champion of the European Open Obedience 2020, was a team member for the Obedience World Championship 2022 and got recently Vice Swiss Champion of IBGH3. Her brother Ackey is a trained rescue dog of the highest class and has also competed successfully at the Obedience Nationals in class 3. Her half-sister Kirke was twice a team member for the Obedience World Championship and reached 4th place at the European Open 2021.